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1. What is OLIVENOL™?
OLIVENOL™ is CREAGRI®'s first product in the field of nutraceuticals. It is a dietary supplement containing antioxidant polyphenols derived from the pulp of olives.

2. How does OLIVENOL™ work?
The antioxidant polyphenols contained in the OLIVENOL™ product are absorbed through the gastrointestinal system and into the blood stream where they help fight the toxic free radicals found in the human body.

3. Why is it different from other antioxidants?
OLIVENOL™ is the first antioxidant from the olive fruit. It has the benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet without the calories. It contains a family of antioxidants called polyphenols, which are among the most potent natural radical scavengers.

4. Is it better than Oleuropein (and other leaf products) and why?
Studies have shown that Oleuropein, a large precursor of Hydroxytyrosol, is poorly absorbed into the blood stream where antioxidant activity is most required. OLIVENOL™, however, contains Hydroxytyrosol [HIDROX®] which is a small molecule that is absorbed into the gastrointestinal system and blood stream, and penetrates the body tissues.

5. Who discovered OLIVENOL™?
CREAGRI® developed OLIVENOL™ with the support of laboratories around the world. The active ingredients (polyphenols, and especially Hydroxytyrosol [HIDROX®]) have been studied by many scientists because of the significant documentation surrounding the health benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet.

6. Is OLIVENOL™ proprietary to CREAGRI®? Does CREAGRI® have a patent for it?
Yes, Dr. Roberto Crea, CREAGRI®'s founder and chairman, has been granted two patents for his process to recover Hydroxytyrosol (the major component of OLIVENOL™) from olive wastewater. A third patent is pending for the formulation of HIDROX®, CREAGRI®'s trademarked name for Hydroxytyrosol.

7. What is Hydroxytyrosol?
It is the olive natural polyphenol with the highest level of free radical scavenging activity ever reported for any natural antioxidant compound.

8. What is the activity/potency of OLIVENOL™?
OLIVENOL™ contains high concentrations of Hydroxytyrosol [HIDROX®], the polyphenol with the highest free radical protection ever reported for an antioxidant compound. The ORAC of HIDROX® is approximately 27,000.

9. What is ORAC?
ORAC, an abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a test tube analysis that measures the power of foods and other chemical substances to neutralize free radicals or act as an antioxidant.

10. How much HIDROX® is contained in each OLIVENOL™ tablet?
Approximately 5 mg.

11. Do you sell HIDROX®?
Currently, CREAGRI® does not sell HIDROX® in its pure form, but that is an option for the future.

12. How much OLIVENOL™ should I take a day?
To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the recommended dosage is 2 to 4 tablets daily.

13. Can I take more than 4 tablets?
Yes, there is no evidence of toxicity for OLIVENOL™. Preclinical testing conducted by CREAGRI® at the highest FDA recommended dosage (2g/kg), showed that OLIVENOL™ produced no side effects.

14. What kind of health improvements are possible?
Polyphenols from olives have been associated with well being and reduction of physical stress. Laboratories around the world have also shown that polyphenols from olive oil have been associated with healthier breast tissue, colon function and cardiovascular function; as well as reduction of stress from secondary smoke and prevention of skin damage.

15. Can I get the same benefit by eating olives?
No, olives that have been processed for retail sale have been pickled and the antioxidant effect is dramatically reduced as a result. You would need to consume at least 4-6 ounces of olive oil a day to obtain the same antioxidant effect as one tablet of OLIVENOL™.

16. Are there any side effects?
OLIVENOL™ has been tested by qualified labs and no side effects on animals have been found at the highest recommended FDA dosage of 2g/kg.

17. Is it compatible with other drugs?
As is the case with many other vitamins and antioxidants, there is no indication that OLIVENOL™ would interfere with the effectiveness of other drugs, but you should always check with your doctor first.

18. How stable is OLIVENOL™?
In the present form, OLIVENOL™ will remain stable for more than two years.

19. Where can I find it?
OLIVENOL™ can be purchased via telephone (1-866-4CREAGRI), online and in health and natural product stores.

20. Are you selling to distributors?
Yes, it is our intention to have distribution throughout the United States. Our long-term goal is to have distribution worldwide.

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