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The Management Team  


The Founder, Dr. Roberto Crea

Academic Achivement
  • Professor of Molecular Genetics - University of Messina, Italy
  • Assoc. Professor of DNA Chemical Synthesis- Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Ph.D in Biological Chemistry - University of Pavia, Italy.
  • Author of more than 25 families of International patents
  • Co-authored more than 50 scientific articles
  • Recipient of the Rumbough Award for Scientific Contribution by Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for America

Professional Achivement
  • One of four original Scientific Directors
  • Genetech, Inc (First Patent)
  • Founder
  • CREAGRI, Inc.® - Hayward, CA
  • Protelix, Inc - Foster City, CA
  • Bioren S.R.L. - San Carlos, CA
  • SynGen, Inc - San Carlos, CA
  • Creative Biomolecules, Inc - Hopkinton, MA
  • Creagen, Inc - Cambridge, MA

Dr. Roberto Crea - President and CEO, is a successful serial entrepreneur in the biotechnology and nutraceutical industry. Following his early career at Leiden University (1973-77) and City of Hope Medical Center (1977-78), Dr. Crea became one of the founding scientists at Genentech, Inc. in 1978. Dr. Crea was Genentech’s first Director of the Nucleic Acid Department, and one of the four members of Genentech’s initial scientific team. During his four years at Genentech and City of Hope Medical Center, Dr. Crea was instrumental in developing the first three drugs developed by Genentech and its corporate partners: human insulin; gamma and beta interferons; and human growth hormone. Dr. Crea is the sole inventor of the first two US Patents issued to Genentech (4,310,662 and 4,393,010) and has been granted 24 additional US patents over the span of his entrepreneurial career. Over the past 26 years, Dr. Crea has founded, l ed, and taken to successful commercialization several biotech Companies, including Creative BioMolecules (1982; public in 1990, and now Curis) and Creagen, Inc.(1991; merged with Neurex, Inc., a public company, in 1994, and then acquired by Elan Corp. in 1997 for $700 million). Dr. Crea then started CREAGRI® (2000) and Bioren, Inc.(acquired by Pfizer in 2005).
Dr. Matthew Killeen - Scientific Affairs Advisor. Matt currently works for a pharmaceutical research and consulting firm where he assesses the commercial potential of emerging therapies by identifying areas of unmet need, constructing forecasts of global drug sales, and interviewing thought leaders in the major global pharmaceutical markets. He received his undergraduate degree in pharmacology with highest honours and was awarded a Ph.D. in cardiovascular electrophysiology from the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge he studied the mechanisms underlying sudden cardiac death and identified a number of effective pharmacological treatment strategies. Following his Ph.D., Dr. Killeen was awarded research fellowships at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Killeen has authored 19 peer-reviewed publications in leading international journals. He is a member of the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium, a collaborative initiative between the FDA and Duke University. Dr. Killeen developed the concept for and co-chaired an FDA Think Tank on pediatric drug safety. Dr. Killeen has also previously worked for Eli Lilly and he is the author of the forthcoming book, “Cardiac Drug Safety: A Bench to Bedside Approach,” which will be published in 2011.
Mark P. Linder - Business Developer & Strategic Partnerships, is director of strategic partnerships for CREAGRI® , focusing the company’s HIDROX® for human and animal application. In 1975, Mark received his B.S. degree at Iowa State University in Agricultural Business Management. He is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program. In 1988, Mark was selected as a John J. McCloy Agricultural Fellow and traveled for thirty days throughout Germany. During his twenty three year career with the California Farm Bureau, Mark co-created a pioneering, internationally recognized education program, Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) and from 1980 through 1998 he assisted many other states, the United States Department of Agriculture, Canada and Japan in the development of their AITC programs. Mark is president of his family’s fifth generation farming business in Iowa which was founded in 1888 and specializes in corn, soybeans and premium quality beef cattle. Between 1998 and 2002 Mark served as co-founder and President of Food, Land & People, an educational organization based in the Presidio National Park of San Francisco with the common interest on food production, environmental quality and sustainable human cultures. In 2002, he started his collaboration with KVIE’s America’s Heartland, a national public television series designed for urban and rural audiences to promote a better understanding of food and agriculture. In 2003, Mark became a program consultant and U.S. Agriculture Liaison to the Culinary Institute of America. Between 2004 and 2009 Mark was head of research and marketing for an Iowa based food company, Vande Rose Foods, LLC.
Paolo Pontoniere - Vicepresident of Corporate Communications, is a public relations consultant for the company. Currently he is overseeing the evolution of the public image of HIDROX® and CREAGRI® . He joined the CREAGRI® team in April 2010. A journalist for more than 30 years, Paolo is an expert in business and macroeconomics. He has served as executive editor, special envoy, and foreign correspondent for various Italian and US media. A science writer for some of Italy’s leading periodicals and online media, Paolo covers topics ranging from medicine to robotics, from genetics to computing. A member of the Foreign Press Corp, of the North American Association of Science Writers, and a graduate of the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti Italiani, Paolo has studied Information technology, anthropology and biotechnologies.

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