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The Integrale Process

Preserving the integrity of the environment has always been paramount to CREAGRI®s philosophy. Ten years ago CREAGRI® devised the Integrale Process, a method by which olive throw aways is converted into a valuable ingredient. This was done with the idea to process olives in a more ecosustainable way and to eliminate toxic substances from the waste stream. In the process CREAGRI® introduced a new standard of growing and harvesting olives that is now being adopted by farmers across the world.

This novel process is covered by numerous world wide patents.

CREAGRI®’s commitment is to use a totally natural product to create HIDROX®. And while it is common to use chemical solvents in extracting natural compounds, the Integrale™ process is completely natural and solvent-free.

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The most stringent care has been taken to ensure the quality and purity of CREAGRI®’s overall manufacturing process. HIDROX® is produced from olives that are harvested and processed within 24-48 hours after picking at our nearby manufacturing plant.

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